At Auldington Hotel in Launceston, all staff support our corporate values:  R. E. S. T.   F. I. N. E.

  • We treat all guests with RESPECT at all times
  • We strive to achieve EXCELLENCE in service and hospitality
  • We aim for 100% customer SATISFACTION
  • We work as a TEAM
  • We strive to be FAIR to our staff, our customers, our suppliers and our community
  • We conduct our business with INTEGRITY, in accordance with our Code of Conduct and Ethics policy
  • We seek to provide for all of our guest’s NEEDS
  • We care about the ENVIRONMENT and take all possible steps to minimise the environmental impact of our operations

At Auldington Hotel, we strive to provide a personal and welcoming customer service experience that we hope is an accurate reflection of the hotel and the values that are important to us.